Our mission is to share bold, beautiful new wellness experiences to the world, where Eastern wisdom meets Western science, tradition meets innovation.

Inspired by Eastern philosophy, balance is our ultimate goal. We believe achieving harmony is the route to health, happiness and success. Our CBD products aim to create balanced synergies so you can feel your best, from sunrise to sunset.

Imbalance has many guises —  the slow mornings, and the anxiety that clouds your focus, the inability to fall asleep, and the restless nights; the indescribable sensation of not feeling sick, yet not feeling well. In Eastern philosophy, the body has an ideal point of balance for optimal health, we want to help you find your balance and be the best version of yourself.

We believe the key to feeling well is not radical action, but small, consistent rituals that effortlessly uplift your everyday. Our remedies are the gateway to a new path for wellbeing, one which values intuition and  appreciates the connection between mind and body.

We are an Asian, female-founded company.
Created by a neuroscientist, a designer, and a mother.

As childhood friends, we grew up with traditions in Chinese wellness and shared understanding for the power of holistic medicine. After decades spent pursuing diverse experiences across the world, we came together again over our mutual search for natural rituals to aid in our own stress cycles.

This led us to create NOON, so we could share trusted plant wisdom and CBD innovation in the form of bold, beautiful wellness products.

We are committed to sustainable practices to preserve our planet, its communities and its ecosystems.  

Our packaging was thoughtfully designed for mininal impact. Nootropic Drops boxes are designed for re-usage and are made with 100% recycled paper-board, printed with soy ink, and finished with materials that contain zero toxic chemicals.  Our glass bottles are infinitely recyclable after proper cleaning.